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Neighbourhood wardens

Neighbourhood Warden

You will see Neighbourhood wardens in all areas of the city. They are there to help make the area you live in better. You can help by telling them about concerns and issues that affect the place you live. They will not be able to change the local environment alone - they need your help and with that support they can improve the appearance of public areas, help reduce crime and build a better community.

But you need to remember they are not police officers or security guards, but they are people who care for the areas where you live and will work with you to help develop cleaner and safer neighbourhoods.

How will I benefit?

The Wardens will work with you to help resolve your concerns about the area in which you live. By promoting community safety, making the environment that you live in cleaner and encouraging responsible citizenship, we want people to have a greater sense of pride in their neighbourhood.

How to get more information or how to contact the wardens:

• Speak to the Neighbourhood Wardens when they are out and about on your estate.

• Visit the wardens at one of their advice sessions. Details of these sessions will be advertised in your Local Housing Office.

• Ring Actionline, our FREEPHONE service on 0800 5 19 19 19 and leave a message for your Warden to contact you.

• Leave a message at your Local Housing Office.

All Wardens carry Southampton City Council identification cards and wear distinctive uniforms. You will see them travelling in vans, walking or cycling. Their vans are also clearly marked with information that will help you contact them.

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