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Street parties

Street party photo from the royal wedding 2011

Street parties are a great way to get neighbours looking out for, and respecting each other. They get people interested in what’s happening in their area and help form friendships. They can be held by anyone almost anywhere; gardens, community centres and open spaces to share food, music and laughter.

Please complete a notification form, see below, to hold a street party. Please make sure all the sections on the form are completed and you have read and understood all the information and the guidance notes so you know what is required from you. You will need to send us the completed form at least six weeks before you are planning on holding your event.

If you have any questions, please contact

Information and notification form for Street Party Organisers

1. Costs

  • You may need to purchase Public Liability Insurance. The council cannot recommend insurers but a search on the internet will bring up many at varying costs, type "street party public liability insurance" into your search engine.

  • If your road needs a site inspection due to having a stage or other structure i.e. a bouncy castle, the cost is £25 and someone will need to be on site to meet the inspector.

  • If your party needs a Temporary Event Notice the cost is £21.

  • You will need to make arrangements for the erection and supervision of road closure/diversion signs and barriers. You can hire appropriate signs from local hire shops for approximately £16.50 a week or see for other suggestions. Please read the Street Party FAQ for information on road closed signs.

2. Licensing

  • Your notification is also sent to the city council’s Licensing Team, who will assess whether a Temporary Event Notice will need to be agreed for your proposed street party under the Licensing Act 2003.

  • If your street party does require a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) you will be advised by email by the Licensing Team. Please see for further information.

  • Please remember that it is your responsibility to request a TEN, if required, and this will be at your own expense.

3. Road closures

  • The Street Party Notification form is sent to Balfour Beatty, our partner organisation, which is responsible for highways they will decide if a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) can be made to allow road closure to take place.
  • Please note if the road to be closed is on a bus route or a main road the closure is unlikely to be granted.

  • Southampton City Council does not guarantee suitability of the road for your event and will not clear parked cars or obstructions.

  • Southampton City Council is able to waive the usual fee for road closures, as long as you get your application to us in time for a monthly batch – there is more information about this in point 4 below.

  • If the TTRO is agreed you will be sent the Road Closure Notice by email. If there are any questions over your plans to close the road we will contact you.

  • If you have any questions over closing your road you can contact Balfour Beatty on 023 8079 8073 or email cc’ing in

  • To ensure the closure is effective you will need to make arrangements for the erection and supervision of road closure/diversion signs and barriers. You can hire appropriate signs from local hire shops for approximately £16.50 a week. You can also contact the AA on 0800 731 7003 or email or via who will tailor a package and quote Southampton Street Party Organisers for the barriers and signs for each street party. See for other suggestions. 

4. Road closures – monthly batches

Road closure orders usually cost £105.  In order to help street parties take place, the council has arranged for free monthly road closure order batches.  In order to get your road closure order for free in a monthly batch you will need to get your application to the council 6 weeks before the 1st day of the month of your party. For example, if you are holding your party on 21st  July 2014 you need to get your application to us by 20th May 2014. 

The deadlines, for the month popular months, are therefore as follows:

Month when the party is taking place Date the application needs to be submitted by
May 2014 20th March 2014
June 2014 20th April 2014
July 2014 20th May 2014
August 2014 20th June 2014
September 2014 21st July 2014

5. Cleaning up

It is your responsibility to leave the street party site in a clean and tidy condition. This includes litter from the street party that may be blown beyond the site boundary. You may be liable for any costs that are incurred in relation to this issue.

Downloadable documents

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PDF document Street Parties FAQ 47 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document Street Party Insurance Guidance 18 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document Street Party Fire Guidance 25 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Link to download Adobe Acrobat if required

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