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You are here:home > Living > Housing > Anti Social behaviour around your home

Anti Social behaviour around your home

anti social behaviour image

Everyone wants to live in a safe area free from crime and harassment. We realise that this isn't always possible and that anti social behaviour can cause real problems in your neighbourhood. Anti social behaviour is when someone causes harassment, alarm or distress to any person not of the same household. The impact of anti social behaviour is far-reaching and can have a detrimental effect on communities.

How do I report anti social behaviour?
You can report an incident of anti social behaviour by using the online reporting system on the top right hand side of this page. For further information please visit the Anti Social Behaviour Team page.

How do I deal with noisy neighbours?
If you feel that you are being affected by unreasonable noise at home then please contact us. We understand that sometimes noise can be a nuisance and we are here to offer you advice and help.

Our Neighbourhood Warden Service is here to help
You will see Neighbourhood Wardens in all areas of the city. They are there to help make the area you live in better. You can help by telling them about concerns and issues that affect the place you live.

Report Incidents of Graffiti
If you spot any graffiti on public property that we have the duty to maintain, please let us know by using the Actionline link at the top of this page. Contact us especially if you see racist, sexist or obscene graffiti. This is treated as a priority.

The Council, the Police and You, tackling Crime and Anti-social Behaviour in your local area

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