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Housing and money solutions

Housing and Money SolutionsMany things can contribute to affecting our health, contentment and well being. These pages aim to reduce the stress of not having anywhere to live or living in poor quality housing. We've grouped together an index of advice pages starting here.

Homeseekers lettings service:023 8083 2977
Tenancy advice:023 8083 2254
Homelessness:023 8083 2327
Housing Allocations (Homebid):023 8083 2777
Money/debt advice:023 8083 2339

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1. Are you looking for accommodation?

• Rent Scam - Warning!
• Don't be the next blameless victim 
• Private rented
Joining the housing register
• Homebid - how we allocate
Mutual house exchange scheme

2. Homelessness advice available

3. How to be safe at home

Fire safety
Gas safety (government web site)
Trips and falls (government web site)
Hot and cold weather advice (government web site)
Carbon Monoxide - are you safe?
Keep warm keep well

4. Information for council tenants

5. Information for home owners

6. Keep warm and save money

7. Landlord advice pages

8. Volunteering and donating advice

9. Welfare Benefits and money advice links

10. What to do when things go wrong with renting

11. Repossession by a landlord’s lender

Tenants of landlords who have been repossessed have in the past returned home to find the locks changed and unable to access their belongings. Tenants had very few rights in these circumstances.

To tackle this problem the Government has introduced laws that require the landlord’s lender to inform the occupier of the court hearing at a much earlier time.  This gives the tenant an opportunity to delay the repossession and can give you between five to seven weeks to avoid homelessness.

If you think that your landlord is being repossessed there are steps you can take to help reduce the risk of this happening to you. Steps to protect yourself from landlord repossession:

  • ALWAYS OPEN ALL MAIL ADDRESSED ‘TO THE OCCUPIER’. This may include notice of any possession hearings. Mail addressed to the occupier is not always junk mail.

  • Try to find out as much you can about your prospective landlord and his/her mortgage status before taking up a tenancy. If you give your landlord a deposit it should be protected under the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. You should be able to retrieve it even if your landlord has been repossessed.

  • Speak to your landlord directly if you think they are being repossessed.  This might be a difficult conversation to have but you could be at risk of becoming homeless and need to protect yourself and your family.

  • If you're thinking of moving into a new property, make sure the landlord has permission from the lender to rent it out. Otherwise, the lender does not have to recognise the tenancy at all.

  • If you were already living in the premises at the time when the mortgage was taken out, the lender may take you on as a tenant and allow you to pay rent to them directly.  If you think you might be in this position you should seek further advice.

Visit for further information.

Opportunities for Training, Education, Volunteering and Employment (STEVE)

If you would like to know more about the wide range of activities and opportunities available in Southampton for Training, Education, Volunteering and Employment (STEVE) a website has been developed by Homelessness Services in Southampton to ensure up to date information is available particularly for those who may need a little extra support.

Contact information