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Gating Orders

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Image showing a gated alleyway

Since April 2006, the City Council has had the power under section 129a of the Highways Act 1980 to make 'gating orders' to help deal with crime and anti-social behaviour. The Council may make a gating order to restrict the use, by the public of a 'relevant highway' for which it is the Highway Authority, and may authorise the placing of gates at each end or at any point on the highway.

Please follow the links at the foot of this page to see current Gating Orders.

Gating Orders - what do they mean?

1. Who can apply for a gating order?

As a resident you can fill in the application form and the local authority will process the information and complete the necessary enquiries and paperwork on your behalf.

2. What do we need to provide?

Completion of the application form will enable you to identify all the information required to progress your request. The Local Authority will then make enquires of other agencies (i.e. the police to support your application.)

3. What is a relevant Highway?

A 'relevant highway' for the purposes of a gating order can be an alleyway, footpath, bridleway or carriageway (road) and any other path or track over which the public has a right of way, The Council will be able to advise you if you are unsure whether the route that relates to this application is a public right of way.

4. How long will the order last?

The order can run for as long as it is deemed necessary to prohibit the return of the use for which it was granted. The order will be reviewed annually.

5. For how long will the gate be closed?

The restriction may be full time or part time, for example, a highway may be gated only at night but open during the day. A gating order may be subsequently revoked or varied and does not enable the highway to be used for other purposes e.g. for a building to be erected on the highway. A highway does not cease to be a highway because a gating order is in place.

6. What If the closure causes me unnecessary inconvenience?

Local authorities have to be satisfied that residents and members of the public who use the relevant highway would not be inappropriately inconvenienced by its gating, and should be satisfied that alternative routes exist. The health implications of the order have to be considered as gating orders could potentially encourage the use of cars if the alternative routes are too long or lack pedestrianised sections. This has to be balanced against the health impacts facing pedestrians from the ongoing crime or anti-social behaviour.

Special consideration has to be given to the impact a potential order might have on disabled users of the highway to ensure that alternative routes are free from obstructions and are suitably paved.

In what circumstances can a gating order be made?

1. Before making a gating order the council must be able to demonstrate the following:

a) Premises adjoining or adjacent to the highway are affected by crime or anti-social behaviour;

b) The existence of the highway is facilitating the persistent commission of criminal offences or anti-social behaviour; and

c) It is in all the circumstances expedient to make the order for the purposes of reducing crime or anti-social behaviour.

2. The circumstances referred to in subsection (c) above include –

d) The likely effect of making the order on the occupiers of premises adjoining or adjacent to the highway;

e) The likely effect of making the order on other persons in the locality; and

f) In a case where the highway constitutes a through route, the availability of a reasonably convenient alternative route.

Details of guidance, current existing and proposed gating orders in Southampton can be found by following the links in the left hand navigation bar.

Downloadable documents

Icon Name of file Size Download time
PDF document Index to Register of Gating Orders 528 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document Gating Order Application Form 67 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document Gating Order Procedure 71 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document Brookwood gating order 543 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document Chelveston Crescent Gating Order 2009 721 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document Gover Road gating order 1062 KB 4secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document Parry Road Gating Order August 2008 690 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document Summerfield and Greenways Gating order 875 KB 3secs @ 2Mbps
Link to download Adobe Acrobat if required

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