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Safer Nights Out

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Nightlife in Southampton

We want you to enjoy your nights out in Southampton but we know that sometimes people can have 'one too many' and leave themselves in a vulnerable or embarrassing position. If you are one of the 28,000 visitors that come to Southampton most weekends, you can find a lot of useful information on these pages about what we do to make your visit safer - and what you can do to make Southampton a safer city.

'ICE' Bus video

The 'ICE' (In Case of Emergency) Bus helps to make nights out in Southampton safer. To see the video follow the YouTube link on the left side of this page.

You can join our Facebook groups by following the links on the left side of this page. For further information, enquire online by following the link on the right side of this page, or use the contact details at the foot of this page.

The Council, the Police and You, tackling Crime and Anti-social Behaviour in your local area

Safer Nights Out initiatives

1. The ICE Bus

The 'ICE' (In Case of Emergency) Bus offers a safe haven to people in need of help on a night out and is parked next to the Cenotaph every Saturday night.

For more information, follow the link at the foot of this page.

2. The Red Card Scheme

The Red Card Scheme was launched in July 2012 and is a zero tolerance banning scheme designed to keep trouble makers and criminals away from licensed premises and the wider Night Time Economy. The licensed premises under the banner of Southampton Licensing Link will administer the scheme and will work closely with the Police, Local Authority and City Watch (CCTV). Those people involved in alcohol related crime and disorder will be considered for a Red Card and banned from participating premises for a set time. There have been 163 Red Cards issued up to 31st March 2013. 

From 1st May 2013 a NHS funded drink aware course run by Druglink will be linked to the Red Card Scheme. Those who choose to go on these courses will have their ban reduced or have no ban at all.

3. Street Pastors

We support Street Pastor volunteers on patrol in the city centre every Friday and Saturday night, providing help or information to those in need. Since they began working a year ago, they have come to the aid of 400 people - and have swept up broken glass 300 times and cleared over 3000 bottles and glasses off the streets.

You can find more information by following the link at the foot of this page.

4. Taxi Marshals

Taxi Marshals manage taxi ranks in the city centre at busy times, helping visitors get home safely. They can be found at taxi ranks in London Road, Lower Bannister Street and Above Bar Street between 11pm and 3am every Friday and Saturday night and on other busy nights of the year.

Useful contact numbers

1. Planning your night out

• Traveline: 0871 200 22 33

2. In case of emergency

• In an emergency: 999

• For less urgent incidents: 101
• Southampton Police: 0845 045 45 45
• ICE Bus: 07825 832457
• Southampton Rape Crisis: 023 8063 6313
• Victim Support Southampton: Tel: 023 8023 4883
  Out of hours Tel: 08453 03 09 00

• Samaritans: 0845 790 90 90

• Treetops (Sexual Assault Referral Centre): 023 9221 0352
• Crimestoppers: (anonymous reporting) Tel: 0800 555 111

3. Alcohol and drug help and advice.

 • Drinkline
  Tel: 0800 917 82 82

• FRANK: (National freephone helpline) Tel: 0800 776 600

• Young people’s Services:
  No Limits  (ages 13-25) Youth Information, Advice and Counselling
  Tel: 023 8023 6237

• Adult Services:
  Options  Alcohol & Drugs Counselling and Information Service
  Tel: 023 8063 0219 or freephone 0800 0814 309

• Alcoholics Anonymous
  Tel: 0845 769 7555

Contact information