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Arranging a Cremation

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We hope the information on these pages help make things easier for you and your family when organising the service of your loved one with us.

Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) information on this page should cover all you need to know. If you can’t find the answer to your questions please telephone or email us using the contact details at the bottom of this page. We’ve also put some links that you may find helpful at this difficult time at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I arrange a cremation?

If you are the person organising the funeral arrangements for your family, you are probably using the services of a funeral director. Your funeral director will ensure all the arrangements and legal documentation is completed. If you intend to have music, flowers, service sheets and notices in newspapers they will also assist you with this.  

If you decide to make the funeral arrangements without the use of a funeral director you should click on the link at the bottom of this page for further information and guidance.

2. What are the opening times?

Opening times can be viewed by selecting 'Opening times' on the left hand navigation menu.

If you are unable to visit between these times, we will do our best to make an appointment for you.  Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

3. Do you cater for specific religious needs?

Yes, we do – as the longest serving crematorium in Southampton, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range faith needs and traditions. We will of course remove any altar crosses if requested.  We have a good selection of religious symbols for other religions – or of course with prior arrangement you can bring your own.

4. Can I bring a dog with me?

For the comfort of our other visitors, we do not allow dogs in the garden of remembrance or the crematorium buildings. Those visitors with guide or hearing dogs are, of course allowed.

5. How do we arrange for music to be played?

Our music system (Wesley Music) has met the demands of over 99.7% of all requests made.  

You will need to contact your funeral director to arrange music to be played. Please make sure you advise your funeral director as quickly as possible of your requests, so that we can check we have the requested track(s). We will need to be notified at least 72 hours before the service you attend. 

If you would prefer to have a musician present this can also be accommodated – but remember to speak with your funeral director beforehand so they can notify us.

There is no charge for this service.

6. Do you provide webcasts?

We’re pleased to offer an additional service of webcasting the cremation service – most other local crematoria do not provide this service.   You may have family members and friends that are not able to attend the service you are organising because they live abroad or for other reasons. 

You will need to arrange this through your Funeral Director who will provide full details of how we can do this.  There is a charge of £80.00 for this service. This is a unique way of sharing the service for a loved one with those who can’t be present.  

Please remember to check with the person who is officiating at the ceremony to ensure they are happy to be recorded.


7. Can you provide a video/record of the service?

Yes. We can provide audio and/or visual recordings of the service you are organising on CD or DVD. 

You will need to request this through your Funeral Director who will contact us in advance of the service to make the arrangements. There is a charge of £27.00 for a CD or £54.00 for a DVD. 

Please remember to check with the person who is officiating at the ceremony to ensure they are happy to be recorded.


8. What happens after the service?

Generally, after a service you will be guided out of the Chapel and led to view the floral tributes and pay your condolences to the close relatives of the deceased.

It’s important to remember, however, each service is different – some people will have floral tributes, others won’t.  At some services the bereaved family will want to receive the condolences of those present - at others they may not. 

Regardless of how the bereaved family/friends want to hold the service, you will have the opportunity to visit our remembrance garden for those quiet moments of contemplation that you may need.


9. How do I arrange an outside broadcast?

If you are expecting a large attendance where the number of mourners will be more than the east chapel can hold, we can arrange (with prior notification from your funeral director) use of external speakers to broadcast the ceremony. Please note this is a sound broadcast and not a visual broadcast.

There is no charge for this facility.


10. Is there disabled access?

In accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act our buildings are fully accessible. Some mourners may find the walk around the gardens more challenging than others – especially if they have mobility issues.

There is also disabled parking for those holding a blue badge.


11. How long are the floral tributes kept?

Friends and family may have given a floral tribute to commemorate their loved one. Each chapel has a large covered area where your Funeral Director will place any floral tributes for viewing after the service has been held. 

We will keep the flowers on display in the tribute area until the close of business the day after the service you attended – this will give you or your friends/family the opportunity for a moment of thought and to further pay your respects if you so wish. You can if you wish ask your funeral director to arrange for the flowers to be removed and donated to a local hospital, nursing home or church.

Additionally we have provided areas where both cut flowers and flower vases can be placed. The cut flowers will only be removed once they are ‘past their best’.

12. Can I purchase a memorial?

We have a wide range of options to choose from when you have decided to commemorate the loss of your family member or friend. The link at the bottom of this page (or from the navigation bar on the left hand side will help you choose which is right for you).


13. How much does it cost for a cremation?

You will of course have to add any costs that your Funeral Director charges for the organisation of the cremation and the other services that are provided by them. Our prices start from £480.00.

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