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You are here:home > Living > Sustainable lifestyles > Save Energy and Water

Save Energy and Water

We use energy every day; at home, work and when travelling. By making a few small changes you can significantly reduce the amount of energy you use and help prevent climate change.

  • turn off appliances when you're not using them

  • buy energy efficient appliances

  • use low-energy light bulbs

  • insulate your loft, walls and hot water tank and draft-proof your windows - you may be eligible for a Home Energy Efficiency Grant

  • buy local goods and services (e.g. visit local farmers' market)

  • use public transport instead of travelling by car

  • buy a cleaner fuel vehicle

  • buy energy on a green tariff

  • support Climate Care - investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

Why save water?

With rainfall in the South of England expected to half by 2080 and an increasing demand for water from the growing population, it has never been more critical to conserve our precious water resources. Our area has been classed as an “Area of Serious Water Stress”, making droughts like we saw in 2004-2006 evermore likely. By following these simple steps in our homes, we can help protect our water supplies as well as saving money on our water and energy bills.

Top tips for saving water in your home and garden

Save 3 litres per flush by popping one of Southern Water’s free “Save-a-Flush” bags in your toilet cistern. See Southern Water link below

If we all turned off our taps while brushing our teeth, we would save enough water to supply nearly 500,000 homes. Fill up a glass instead!

In a year, a dripping tap wastes enough water to fill a paddling pool every week for the whole summer. Mend the drips to stop pouring money down the drain!

Eco-brands can save water and cut money off your bills. Be sure to look out for the “Waterwise Recommended Checkmark” and “ECO Label” recommended products when you’re buying new appliances and garden equipment. More information: See Waterwise and EC links below for further into

waterwise and ecolabel logos

Beware of the power shower! Power showers may actually use more water than a bath. Turning down the power for a quick shower is three times more water efficient than a bath.

Fully load your washing machine. A full load uses 95 litres of water, whereas two half loads will use 190 litres.

Grab one of Southern Water’s free and discounted water butts to capture some of the 85,000 litres of rain which falls on your roof every year. Use it to wash your car and water your garden. See link below.

Sprinklers can use as much water in an hour as a family of four do in a day. Replace your sprinkler with a trigger nozzle hose and water at the coldest time of day to avoid evaporation.

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