Meeting documents

Audit Committee
Wednesday, 24th September, 2008

Audit Committee

  Wednesday 24th September 2008
at 18:00 PM
  Conference Room 1, Civic Centre
This meeting is open to the public
  Councillor Ball (Chair)
Councillor Barnes-Andrews
Councillor Beckett
Councillor Bogle (Vice-Chair)
Councillor Daunt
Councillor Fuller
Councillor Wells
  Policy Co-ordinator
  Carolyn Willimason
  Tel. 023 8083 4370
  Committee Administrator
  Keith Turner
  Tel. 023 8083 2418
  Administrative Information


Agenda - 24th September 2008
Agendas and papers are now available via Southampton Online at


Apologies And Changes In Membership (if Any)

To note any changes in the membership of the Sub-Committee made in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.



In accordance with the Local Government Act, 2000, and the Council's Code of Conduct adopted on 16th May, 2007, Members to disclose any personal or prejudicial interests in any matter included on the agenda for this meeting.

NOTE: Members are reminded that, where applicable, they must complete the appropriate form recording details of any such interests and hand it to the Cabinet Administrator prior to the commencement of this meeting.


Minutes Of The Previous Meeting (Including Matters Arising)

To approve and sign as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 25 June 2008 and to deal with any matters arising, attached.

3. Minutes    


Statement From The Chair


Monitoring Audit Committee Recommendations

Report of the Democratic Support and Members Services Manager requesting that the Committee considers the actions taken since its last meeting, attached.

5. Report    5. Appendix     



Independent Review: Health And Care Charging Policy For Non-residential Care Services

Report of the Executive Director of Resources detailing the independent report on the Council's Health and Care charging policy for non-residential care services attached.

6. Report     6. Appendix 1    6. Appendix 2    



Audit Commission: Audit And Inspection Plan Progress Report

Report of the Chief Internal Auditor requesting that the Committee notes the update on progress against the 2007-8 Audit and Inspection Plan, attached

7. Report     7. Appendix 1    7. Appendix 2    7. Appendix 3    7. Appendix 4     7. Appendix 4 (i)    7. Appendix 4 (ii)    7. Appendix 4 (iii)    



Internal Audit: Review Of Internal Audit Strategy 2007 - 2011

Report of the Chief Internal Auditor detailing amendments required to reflect new practices and ensure the service can continue to be appropriately planned and delivered in accordance with the revised CIPFA Code of practice for internal audit in Local Government in the United Kingdom (2006), attached.

8. Report     8. Appendix 1a & 1b     8. Members' Room Document     



Anti Fraud And Anti Corruption - Annual Policy And Strategy Review

Report of the Chief Internal Auditor the outcome of the internal audit review of current Anti Fraud and Anti Corruption arrangements against the CIPFA good practice guidance and the content of the subsequent action plan, attached.

9. Report     9. Appendix 1    9. Appendix 2    9. Appendix 3    



Strategic Risk Register 2008-09

Report of the Executive Director of Resources detailing the Strategic Risk Register for comments and consideration, attached.

10. Report     10. Appendix 1    10. Appendix 2    



National Fraud Initiative 2008-09

Report of the Chief Internal Auditor detailing the scope and timing of the National Fraud Initiative exercise, attached.

11. Report     



Exclusion Of The Press And Public

Chair to move that in accordance with the Council's Constitution, specifically the Access to Information Procedure Rules contained within the Constitution, the press and public be excluded from the meeting in respect of Item 13 which is based on Categories 2 and 7 of paragraph 10.4 of the Access to Information Procedure Rules. The information contained therein is potentially exempt as it relates to individual personal details and information held under the Data Protection Act 1998. Having applied the public interest test it is not appropriate to disclose this information as the expectation of privacy outweighs the public interest in the exempt information.


Internal Audit: Status Of Work

Report of the Chief Internal Auditor detailing the Internal Audit Status of Work report for the period ending 18th August 2008, attached.

13. Report     13. Appendix 1    Appendix 2 (Confidential)     



16th September 2008