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Annual Review of the Constitution

Report of the Service Director: Legal & Governance detailing changes to the Constitution, attached.


The Committee considered the report of the Service Director; Legal and Governance detailing the Annual Review of the Constitution.  The Committee noted that proposed changes were to Contract Procedure Rules, the amalgamation of Employment and Appeals Panel with Governance Committee and Delegations to the Senior Leadership Team to deal with appeals against dismissals and school transport appeals.  In addition the Committee noted that revisions to the current terms of reference for Chief Officer Employment Panel were proposed so that it would be responsible for the appointment and dismissal (where permissible) of all Chief Officers, the Chief Executive as Head of Paid Service would assume responsibility for all employees up to and including Deputy Chief Officers in accordance with national best practice.


The Committee also noted that following proposed changes to the Constitution and as part of the strengthening of Governance Procedures there would now be two additional annual reports submitted to the Committee detailing External Contract Arrangements and HR matters including police referrals.  In relation to paragraph 36 of the report and proposed changes to Chief Officer Employment Panel it was noted that this was a late addition to the report and would be a reversal of a Council decision taken in November 2015.  The Chair reported that there had not yet been opportunity to discuss this fully with the Chief Executive, therefore it was suggested that it remained as a recommendation to the Annual General Meeting; in the meantime the Chair would discuss the matter with Group Leaders and the Chief Executive with Council making the final decision based on discussion outcomes and recommendations.



(i)  That the proposed changes to the Constitution be recommended to Council for adoption at its Annual General Meeting on 17th May 2017; and

(ii)  That the Chair of the Committee discuss the proposed changes as detailed in paragraph 36 of the report with Group Leaders and the Chief Executive and make recommendation accordingly to the Annual General Meeting on 17th May 2017. 

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