Committee details

Planning and Rights of Way Panel

Purpose of committee


(known as Planning and Rights of Way Panel)


a.  This Panel is a Committee of the Council appointed by the Council under Section 102(1) of the Local Government Act 1972.

b.   The Council has arranged under Section 101(1) of that Act for the discharge by the Panel of such of the council's functions as are within the Panel's terms of reference (set out in the constitution).

c.  Certain functions are delegated by this Panel to Officers. Full details may be found in the Officer’s Scheme of Delegation which may be obtained from the Service Lead: Democratic & Electoral Services.

d.  Where a function or matter within the Panel's competence has been delegated to an officer, the Panel may exercise that function/matter concurrently with the officer to whom it has been delegated.

e.  The exercise of any function or matter within the Panel's competence is always subject to any relevant requirement of Contract Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Council Procedure Rules as amended from time to time including any Special Procedures drawn up and approved by the Service Director: Legal & Governance in pursuance of Procedure Rule 26.2.


The Panel meeting procedure can be viewed here:



Contact information

Support officer: Email: 023 8083 2390