Issue - decisions

The Future Transformation of the Southampton Library Service

18/11/2014 - The Future Transformation of the Southampton Library Service

(i)  To approve Option D (detailed in paragraph 47 of this report) as the preferred option for consultation.

(ii)  To carry out public consultation for a minimum of twelve weeks to seek views on the proposal including, but not limited to:

-  views on the future focus for the library service and the priorities contained within

-  views on the decision to continue to provide a library service from six city council managed libraries plus the online virtual library and the school’s library service

-   views on the proposal to offer library buildings to community groups to develop independent community libraries prior to the consideration of disposing of the properties

-  views on the city council ceasing to lease the properties in which Thornhill and Millbrook Libraries are located

-  views on bringing the temporary provision in Weston to an end and to seek to create the opportunity for the community to develop an independent library provision within a new unit being provided in the area

-  views on ceasing  the mobile library service

-  views on any alternatives or expressions of interest offered up by consultees, including but no limited to, those detailed in paragraph 35

(iii)  To report on the feedback arising from the consultation, to Cabinet in 2015 with a final proposal.

(iv)  To seek permission to start staff consultation on the changes that would result from the proposals, if approved.