Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Changes to Existing Revenue and Capital Budgets ref: 98020/03/201829/03/20180
Approval to Procure a Water Contract for City Council Buildings and Services ref: 97920/03/201829/03/20180
Concessionary Fares Scheme 2018/19 ref: 97620/03/201829/03/20180
The proposed disposal of four sites to accelerate the provision of affordable homes in the city ref: 98120/03/201829/03/20180
Development of an offer for children with disabilities ref: 97520/03/201829/03/20180
Solent Recreation Mitigation Strategy ref: 97420/03/201829/03/20180
Youth Justice Strategy 2017-20 update ref: 97720/03/201829/03/20180
Safe City Strategy 2017-2020 update ref: 97820/03/201829/03/20180