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The crossing near Bitterne Station (Southampton)

We the undersigned petition the council to Change the crossing near Bitterne Station (Southampton) to make it safe for pedestrians & cyclists. Please ensure that the planned Highways England work includes a regular combined pedestrian/cyclist phase over the dangerous junction next to Bitterne Station.

It takes 7 mins to cross as a pedestrian with the lights, so people take risks running across.
There's no safe cycle route, but it could be much safer with a few dropped kerbs and some paint.
It is monstrous that the proposed Highways England scheme does not take this into account.
We need a regular combined pedestrian/cyclist phase over this dangerous junction. Also, eg:
- pavement alteration for bikes by derelict hairdresser and opposite for bikes.

- crossing point is needed from station across to Athelstan Rd - over just Bitterne Rd West instead
of multiple crossings.
- traffic calming needed by the concrete blocks on Bullar Rd, as the crossing is often ignored by

This ePetition ran from 22/01/2019 to 23/01/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

The Bullar Road gyratory was looked at extensively as part of the Highways England “M27 Southampton Junctions” project. Currently there is no crossing facility for pedestrians and cycles across the western arm (coming from Bitterne Rail Bridge) meaning pedestrians must use the signalised crossing points on the three other arms of the junction. It is accepted that pedestrians do sometimes choose to cut across the western arm of the junction to get to the bus stop and shops as opposed to waiting for the signalised pedestrian crossing and that the pedestrian environment and facilities are not optimal.

The focus of the Highways England (HE) project is to improve traffic flow along the A3024 corridor in order to improve strategic highway access into the City but not to be at the detriment of active travel modes and public transport. The HE investigations for improvements at the Buller Road gyratory was focussed on improvements to traffic flow by increasing the traffic light “green time” for Bitterne Road West and a evening peak restriction for traffic turning right into Bullar Road – this improved journey time benefits for A3024 traffic – including buses. This did look at a number of options for improvements to pedestrian crossings, with close liaison with the SCC Strategic Transport team.

SCC Officers asked for a pedestrian crossing on the western arm of the junction to be investigated as part of the HE scheme. To achieve this would require a staggered crossing point to be constructed but it was concluded that there is insufficient highway space to fit one in that would meet safety standards. There was also no capacity within the signal timings to accommodate the crossing without causing significant delays to general traffic, which would negatively impact on a core objective of the HE project. The recommendations from the HE investigations was not to do any pedestrian crossing changes, however to reduce demand for people wanting to cross to get to the bus stop it was planned to relocate the bus stop to the eastern side of the junction where it can be accessed through the existing crossings. SCC is awaiting a decision from HE on whether the M27 Southampton Junctions project will be progressing and we expect to hear later in 2019.

The A3024 corridor, which includes the Bullar Road gyratory has been identified as one of the Transforming City Fund corridors and there is an opportunity for SCC to re-assess at the junction again from a local highway authority perspective with local objectives considered including improvements to bus journey times, cycling and walking connectivity. However, any improvements to pedestrian crossing facilities would still have to factor in the impacts to general traffic, congestion and associated air quality impacts. In the meantime, works are about to commence on Southampton Cycle Network (SCN 8) which will provide a quietway alternative route from Bitterne Village to Northam River Bridge via Quayside Road. This scheme will provide an alternative route for some cyclists and pedestrians who use the Bullar Road gyratory.