My Southampton

Why register?

MySouthampton is a secure account that remembers your details when you need to get in touch again. Save time, go on line - there's no need to phone, write or visit.

What will I be able to do?

Once registered, your contact information will auto-complete when filling in forms. You can also use 'Where I live and 'My Nearest' to find your local libraries, schools, parks and more.

We have now launched the next stage of MySouthampton and we will be making further developments adding more services in the coming months.

If you are a landlord and need to manage multiple council tax accounts, you can now use the MySouthampton portal. 

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Council Tax and Business Rates

  • Make a payment
  • Get online access to your council tax account or business rates account at any time
  • View bills online including the balance outstanding and see previous payments
  • Request payment by direct debit
  • Sign up to receive an e-bill rather than a paper copy

Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction

  • Apply for Housing Benefit
  • Let us know about your change of circumstances
  • See how your benefit has been calculated (tenants only)
  • View details of payments sent to you 


  • Check the current award for Housing Benefit for your tenants
  • View next and previous payments details, including Housing Benefit overpayments
  • Receive notification of any changes to your tenants award and view online

Find out about local services

Just type your postcode in Where I Live to find out about your local services.