Mixed plastic banks to be introduced

City wide mixed plastic recycling points to be made available

Mixed plastics bankTo help residents to recycle more, we will be introducing extra plastic recycling facilities across the city. These mixed plastic recycling banks will enable residents to recycle the plastic pots, tubs, trays, cartons and tetrapaks that we’re currently unable to pick up in our normal recycling collections. 

There will be an initial 10 recycling banks spread across different locations in the city. They will not take up any car parking spaces and will be incorporated within the present recycling bank areas.

These recycling banks will be based at the following locations:

• Angel Crescent car park, Bitterne – 2 banks (tbc)
• Woodmill car park, Bitterne Park– 2 banks (tbc)
• Canon Street, Shirley – 2 banks (tbc)
• Westridge Road car park, Portswood – 1 bank
• Green Park car park, Millbrook – 1 bank
• 5 acres/Rugby club car park, Redbridge Lane, Lordshill – 1 bank
• Oakbank car park, Woolston – 1 bank

You can still recycle all types of plastic bottles in your kerbside recycling bin. This includes drink bottles, shampoo bottles and cleaning product bottles – but it would help us if you could remove the lids first.

The banks will be put in place for two years to provide residents the opportunity to recycle additional plastic materials until an alternative solution can be found. Plastic pots, tubs and trays are made up of a wider variety of polymers such as PS, PP, PET, PVC, and LDPE. This range of polymers cannot be successfully sorted in our Materials Recovery Facilities without significant investment in new equipment. A longer term solution to this issue is being looked at by ourselves and our partners.

Once collected, the mixed plastic waste is sorted and sent to a plastic reprocessing plant. Once at the plant it is graded before being shredded into flakes, which are then washed and cleaned. These are then melted and reformed into pellets, which are then sent off to be manufactured into products such as fleeces, toys and football shirts.