60+ and looking for a new flat in Southampton?

Find a home on Homebid

John Finnegan is a Southampton resident who used our choice-based lettings service, Homebid, to find his new flat at Janaway Gardens. You can find out more about Housing Services and learn about how easy it was for John to find his new home by watching this short video.

John said: "The bidding process [on Homebid] is very straightforward. You see a property and click on it, look at a map and see exactly where it is. It gives you details of everything you need to know.

"What I like about my new location is that I have very good neighbours in a quiet location and secure parking. The riverside offers a picturesque location and the whole area is very friendly."

Visit our Housing Register to see if you qualify for one of our supported housing flats. Then, visit our Homebid website every Friday and bid on your new flat.