New bus lane cameras

Enforcement cameras to be installed on Vincent's Walk in Southampton

Southampton City Council will be using cameras to enforce the bus gate on Vincent’s Walk from Monday 26 February. Drivers who illegally use it will risk being caught on camera and fined.

The only vehicles allowed to use the bus lanes and bus gates are buses, taxis, private licensed hire vehicles, bicycles and emergency service vehicles. Bus lanes and bus gates are there to make journey times by buses quicker and more reliable. This will encourage more people to use buses, helping to reduce congestion and improve air quality across the city.

The new cameras will operate 24/7 and the penalty has been set at £60, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days. The council is allowing motorists a grace period of three weeks for this new location. Anyone caught flouting the rules at Vincent's Walk in that time will receive a warning letter instead of a charge notice.

Southampton City Council have three bus lane cameras already in operation. Since their installation in 2016 contraventions of these bus lanes has dropped by 80% on average.

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