Electric vehicle for Mayor and Sheriff

Environmentally friendly vehicle enables green travel

Mayor's electric vehicleSouthampton City Council is ambitious in its commitment to improving air quality in the city for current and future generations. As part of this commitment, the Mayor and Sheriff of Southampton can now travel around without causing any exhaust pipe based pollution, courtesy of a free all-electric Hyundai Ioniq which has kindly been loaned to the council by the Richmond Motor Group dealership in West Quay Road.

Both of the dignitaries have very busy diaries, and the city’s first zero tail pipe emissions electric Mayor’s car will minimise any environmental impact from the regular travel that is required for them to attend formal events. The Hyundai will be instantly recognisable with the council’s crest painted on to the side of it and will be driven by either the Mayor or the Sheriff themselves.

The car will be loaned to the council for free with no set end date and may be upgraded on a regular basis. The running costs for the vehicle, including the cost of plug-in electricity to recharge the battery, general maintenance, MOT and insurance will all be the responsibility of the council.

Leader of Southampton City Council, Councillor Christopher Hammond said: “We’re committed to tackling polluted air and the negative health issues it causes. It's been a top priority for the City and we've been successful in reducing pollution by 24% in some of our most polluted areas over the last 3 years.

"The Mayor is the first citizen of the city and is an important civic role which dates back to the 1200’s. Thanks to the generosity of Richmond Motor Group and Hyundai, he will now be able to attend civic events and functions in a car that has no tail pipe emissions. This sends an important message to our partners and reaffirms the city’s commitment to Clean Air.

"We are grateful to the Richmond Motor Group and Hyundai for their support in this important goal and their part in helping the city achieve cleaner air.”

Alex Jackson, General Manager at the Richmond Motor Group in Southampton said: “It is a privilege for the Richmond Group to be able to support the different Mayors and Sheriffs to serve the local community. It’ll be great to see them driving this environmentally friendly Hyundai around the city.”

The Mayor of Southampton, Councillor Stephen Barnes-Andrews commented: “Every week, the Mayor and Sheriff manage a busy schedule of public events, representing our city, meeting and congratulating local people who have made significant contributions to society, and recognising the tremendous achievements of schools, colleges, universities, community groups and charity organisations in Southampton. Each year there are over 500 city wide engagements that the Mayor or Sherriff attend. 

“It is important that we do this in an environmentally friendly way wherever possible, and driving the city’s first electric Mayor’s car enables us to do this. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both Hyundai and the Richmond Motor Group for their generous sponsorship.”