Schools shake things up with Disney characters in new activity campaign

Schools shake things up with Disney characters in new activity campaign

Change4life-DisneySchools shake things up with Disney characters in new activity campaign

Today, Southampton City Schools, Public Health England (PHE) and Disney UK, with support from Sport England, are launching the Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Up campaign to inspire the nation’s children to get more active, as part of a nationwide effort.

Change4Life’s Disney-inspired 10 Minute Shake Up (10MSU) games help children get active for 60 minutes a day with 10-minute bursts of active fun, inspired by their favourite characters and stories from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2 and Disney’s Frozen and The Lion King.

Currently, just 20% of boys and 14% of girls meet the national recommendation of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day[i], but simple activities like active play, scooting or walking count too, so by encouraging these, parents can help their children become more active.

Cllr Dave Shields, Cabinet Member for Health and Community Wellbeing, said: "The 10 Minute Shake-Ups are an important part of the health and wellbeing curriculum we offer schools. For primary and secondary schools, this includes our Healthy High 5 Award, with its focus on physical activity, mindfulness, gardening, nutrition and hydration. I hope that our teachers will consider using theses 10 minute games and activities to shake things up in the classroom and keep kids active.

"Though children are currently enjoying outdoor play in the nice summer weather, these activities featuring the latest Disney film characters can be an especially helpful way for them to get part of their 60 minutes of recommended daily activity to start the day or when the weather outside gets dreary. Teachers have told us that these kinds of physical exercise can help improve a child's focus and learning throughout the day."

Through the 10 Minute Shake Up games, children can develop key physical activity skills including; being strong like Mr Incredible, agile like Simba, or having stamina like Elsa.

As well as playing the games, this year the Change4Life website is hosting an online quiz to help children, with their parents, find activities and sports that might be perfect for them to try so that they can continue being active during summer and beyond.
By playing 10 Minute Shake Up games, gaining skills and taking the online quiz, the campaign will act as an inspiration and gateway to other physical activities and sports.

 Keep the kids busy this summer with 10 Minute Shake Up games from Change4Life with Disney. Then take the online quiz to discover the perfect activities and sports for them. Search Change4Life.