Partnership working secures fly-tipping conviction

New Environmental Protection Officers getting results

Toothill Road fly-tip

A successful investigation into a fly-tip along Toothill Road in Romsey has led to a significant prosecution, following the combined efforts of Southampton City Council and neighbouring authority Test Valley Borough Council.

Jason Love, of Southampton, admitted to fly-tipping at Southampton's Magistrate's court on Wednesday 21 October 2020, after previously failing to show up for court on 16 October 2020.

Love committed the offence on Toothill Road in July last year when he dumped a toilet, broken tiles, plastic buckets and plumbing materials on the side of the road. The fly-tip was witnessed, and council officers then began to investigate the matter and the vehicle involved. Having notified other agencies in an effort to locate the vehicle, the case then came together when Environmental Protection Officers from Southampton City Council spotted Love's vehicle on Shirley High Street. The officers were then able to notify Test Valley Borough Council.

Mr Love was handed a substantial £1,600 fine, ordered to pay £839.50 in costs and £240 in compensation.

Environmental portfolio holder at Test Valley Borough Council, Councillor Alison Johnston, said: “This is a fine example of how agencies, whether it’s councils or police, will work together to catch those responsible for this crime. Anyone who believes it’s acceptable to simply dump their waste on the side of the road without consequence is hugely mistaken, and can expect a knock on their door.

“My thanks go to the hard work of our environmental service, our legal team and of course to the great partnership work with Southampton City Council.”

Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities at Southampton City Council, Councillor Dave Shields said: “The cost of constantly clearing dumped rubbish is paid for by every resident in every city, not just the councils that clear it up. This conviction underlines our commitment to working in a joined up way with other authorities.

“Prosecuting someone for fly tipping is the worst possible outcome for everyone, we’d much rather people did the right thing and disposed of rubbish in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way, through the proper channels, by taking waste to their local Household Waste and Recycling Centre, booking a council bulky waste collection or using a licensed waste carrier.”

When we catch you dumping rubbish, we will prosecute you. You'll face a heavy fine or prison sentence