Nationality checking service booking terms and conditions

Booking terms and conditions

  • We are a checking service only. If we advise that your application is likely to be unsuccessful, our fees will not be refunded
  • You are responsible for filling in your own application. If you do not complete the application form prior to your appointment, you will be charged for another appointment
  • You must use the latest version of the form, otherwise your application will be rejected. If you complete the wrong application form, you will be charged for another appointment. The correct form for adult applications is currently February 2017 issue and for children it is currently January 2018 issue
  • You are responsible for bringing the correct documents to your appointment as detailed in the current guide and booklet. If you fail to bring the correct documents to your appointment, you will need to rebook your appointment and another fee will be payable. Missing or incorrect documents cannot be submitted at a later date
  • The language requirements were last changed on 28 October 2013. It is your responsibility to check that your language test meets the current requirements detailed in the guide and booklet
  • All forms along with the guide and booklet can be found at

Please note if you cancel or change the appointment, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. If the appointment is cancelled up to seven days before the date of appointment, 50% of your appointment fee will be refunded
  2. If the appointment is changed up to seven days before the date of appointment, you will receive a 50% refund of your fees originally paid and will need to pay the full fee for the new appointment
  3. No refund is given if you do not attend the appointment or the appointment is cancelled or changed within 7 days of the appointment date