European passport return service (EPRS)

Southampton Registration Services offers a European Passport Return Service for European and Swiss nationals who want to make online family and individual applications to reside in the UK with non-EEA family members.

This service allows you to keep your passport whilst your application is being processed by the Home Office. Please note, should you choose to include any ID cards with your application, the original cards will be sent to the Home Office.

Important information

Using the European Passport Return Service does not guarantee the success of your application or that a decision will be reached any quicker.

Our staff are not able to provide you with any advice on your application. The decision to approve your application rests entirely with the Home Office. Southampton Registration Services are unable to follow up your application for you. If you need any further information, you must contact the Home Office directly.

Southampton Registration Services cannot ensure that your form has been completed correctly or that you have submitted the correct original supporting documents. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their application is correct. The Home Office may contact you if they require further information.

Before attending a drop-in session

Before you attend a drop-in session, you must read carefully and complete the relevant online application at GOV.UK:

In addition, it is important that you use the additional checklist below to ensure you have completed all the tasks necessary, before coming to the Register Office.

What does this service involve?

Once you have submitted your online application to the Home Office, you must bring your original supporting documents and passport to us within five working days. We will then send a certified copy of your passport, your checklist, your application and any original supporting documents to the Home Office on your behalf. This service means that you will be able to use your passport whilst your application is being processed.

How do I book an appointment?

The European Passport Return Service is a drop-in service. This means you cannot book a slot. Instead you need to come to the office when the service is available with your documents prepared.

The service is available on the following days:


If we are experiencing high volumes of customers when you wish to use the service, we may not be able to accommodate all requests and you may have to attend another drop-in service on another day.

How long does the process take?

Each application takes approximately 20 minutes. It is important that you allow enough time for all your applications to be processed before the EPRS finishes for the morning or closes for the day.

What is the fee?

The fee is £20.00 per individual application.

The fee is payable at the time of your visit. You can pay by credit or debit card (excluding American Express) or by cash.


You are required to submit two passport style photographs for each person applying. These can be purchased from the photo booth in our reception for a fee of £6.00 (cash) per person.