Nationality checking fees

We charge the following fees for our nationality checking service;

Individual applications

  • Adult applications £75.00 per adult
  • Child applications £75.00 per child

Family applications

Family applications can only be made when the application is made together.
  • 2 adults and a maximum of 3 children if applied for at same time as parents £250
  • Each subsequent child £45

Payment for using the checking service must be made at the time of booking and can be made using a credit or debit card in person or by telephone. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Cancellation policy

When the fee for your checking service appointment has already been paid, a refund will be subject to the following conditions:
  1. A full refund if three or more calendar months written notice is given
  2. Fifty per cent refund if 2-3 months written notice is given
  3. No refund is given if less than one calendar month written notice (or failure to cancel) or due to circumstances beyond the control of the authority which deem for the service not to go ahead.

Home Office application fees for the National Checking Service on GOV.UK - Fees for citizenship applications