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You can arrange your burial direct with us or through your funeral director, it is important to note that no burials can take place on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank / Public holidays.


Our five cemeteries are:

Sometimes, during excavations we cannot remove all of the soil from the area and will need to carefully cover the area adjacent to the grave and place the soil there. Where possible, graves with no memorials are chosen. However, you may find that you are prevented from visiting your grave for a short period. After the funeral, the grave is backfilled with the soil and the area is cleaned and left in a tidy condition.

Floral tributes

After the service any floral tributes will be placed on top or the grave mound. A grave marker detailing the deceased persons name and grave number will be placed in the soil at the head of the grave.

Any floral tributes placed on the grave will be removed and disposed of six weeks after the burial has taken place.

It will take about a year for the ground to settle after a burial before you can erect a memorial. Fees are payable for the right to erect a memorial.