Floral tributes

Friends and family may have given a floral tribute to commemorate their loved one. Each chapel has a large covered area where your funeral director will place any floral tributes for viewing after the service is held.

We will keep the flowers on display in the tribute area until the close of business the day after the service you attended. This will give you and your family and friends the opportunity for a moment of thought and to further pay your respects.

If you wish, you can ask your funeral director to arrange for the flowers to be removed and donated to a local hospital, nursing home or church.

Southampton Crematorium Cloisters flower room

Open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6pm
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 10am to 4pm
For both cut flowers and flower vases. The cut flowers will only be removed once they are past their best.

South Stoneham Garden of Remembrance Floral room

Open 8am to 7pm

We keep floral tributes (wreaths, bouquets) on graves for a maximum of six weeks from the time of burial. We do not remove other flowers that are placed on graves after the period mentioned above. This is the responsibility of the relatives and friends visiting the grave.

Memorials are a lasting symbol of remembrance.