Deer Glade

Many people find comfort in creating a memorial to a loved one following a burial or cremation. Memorials can provide a peaceful place to visit and remember those who have passed away.

These plaques are designed to be attached to the memorial of a mother and baby deer, crafted to reflect the natural inhabitants of its woodland site.


  • Each plaque measures 6 inches by 3 inches (152mm by 76mm)
  • Made from granite with gilded lettering
  • Images cannot be added to the plaques
  • Can accommodate a maximum of 5 lines with up to 19 characters per line


Deer Glade memorial plaques are located in a peaceful woodland glade at Southampton Crematorium.


Plaques can be dedicated for 5, 10 or 20 years. After this time they can be renewed.

Dedications for 5 or 10 years can be applied for online.

For a 20 year dedication you will need to complete the downloadable form below.

Order process

The online form allows you to design your plaque, creating an image of how it will look with the text and any images you select.

Once we receive your order a proof of your memorial will be created and sent to you for sign off.

If you are happy we will produce and install your memorial, advising you when it is ready to view.

Time scale for delivery is approximately two months.


Cost is subject to final design and will be shown on the online form.

The cost for a 20 year dedication plaque with the basic design is £583.84 incl VAT.

Application forms

The form will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Ensure you have all necessary information to hand as there is no facility to save the form part way through.

As payment needs to be taken before the form can be submitted, ensure you have your credit/debit card to hand. Your card must be 3D Secure for payment to be successful.

Deer Glade plaque online application – 5 or 10 year period

Deer Glade plaque application – 20 year period – complete the form and email back to us

Contact us

For more information about our memorials or to submit your 20 year application form you can email us at