When the ceremony room is ready, the registrars will ask the guests to make their way into the room. Guests are asked to allow plenty of time to arrive at the ceremony venue and enter the room when ushered, so that the ceremony can start on time. Ceremonies cannot be delayed if guests have not arrived in time.


Guests are welcome to bring biodegradable confetti to the ceremony. Please feel free to throw it outside in our courtyard, not inside the building.

Date and times of ceremonies

The date and time of the ceremony can only be confirmed by the couple. We are not able to provide any details.

Food or drink

As part of the legal license and respect for other ceremonies, we ask that no food or drink is allowed in the ceremony rooms, or the courtyard and car park at Bugle Street. There is also no food or drink to be consumed in the ceremony rooms in approved venues.

Mobile phones

We ask that guests turn off their phones or onto silent mode during the ceremony.


Parking for Westgate Hall

The Westgate Hall is in one of the most historic and picturesque areas of the City, but unfortunately does not have any parking facilities. 

You are welcome to park one ceremony car only outside the Westgate Hall, providing that someone stays with the vehicle at all times. This is usually the chauffeur if you have hired a car. There are double yellow lines along the whole of Westgate street, and the usual fines would apply. We ask that you make your guests aware of alternative parking nearby.

The Westgate Hall is set in a quiet residential area. You and your guests should respectfully arrive and leave quietly, to ensure that we do not disturb the peace of our local residents.

Parking for Southampton Register Office

Guests attending ceremonies at Southampton Register Office are kindly asked not to park in our car park as spaces are very limited. Parking is available for one ceremony car only, and must be parked in a marked bay (Larger cars and limousines will need to park outside on Bugle Street). We ask that you make your guests aware of alternative parking nearby.

There is one disabled bay inside the Register Office gates and one just outside on the Street. If they are both taken, you will need to find alternative parking."

Photographs and recording of the ceremony

Photographs and recordings can be taken throughout the ceremony at the discretion of the registrars. We ask that no photographs are taken during the actual signing of the register or schedule. A mock signing will be staged so that you can take your photographs at the end of the ceremony. The registrars will be able to advise you on suitable positions for taking those special shots.


Ceremony guests can use the toilets in our car park, which also has disabled and baby changing facilities.

Younger guests

We welcome guests of all ages to all our ceremonies. However we kindly request that if possible pushchairs are left in the waiting room during the ceremony, to allow for a speedier exit in the case of an emergency. Please note that this is done at the risk of the owner and we cannot be responsible for any loss damage or theft. Please check with venues for similar arrangements.