What happens on the day of your Ceremony?

Before the Ceremony

There will be two Registrars at your ceremony, one to conduct the ceremony and one to enter the details in the marriage register or civil partnership schedule.

The Registrars will have a copy of your chosen ceremony options so will be aware of your wishes.

You will need to see the Registrar before the ceremony as the law requires that we check the details that are to be entered with each of you. We can interview you together or separately depending on your preferences.

As well as confirming the details to be entered into the register, we will confirm details of the ceremony with you so we can ensure your ceremony is perfect for you.

You will need to allow ten minutes each for seeing the registrar prior to the ceremony, so please arrange to arrive at the venue in plenty of time.

This will also gives you time to take a breath and compose yourself before the ceremony. The Registrars will answer any questions you have at this time.

Your ceremony must start on time as there is likely to be another ceremony after yours. Any delays may result in your ceremony being rescheduled for another time.

For venue ceremonies, interviews must take place in a suitable room previously arranged with the venue.

The Ceremony

Getting married is an important milestone in your life and it can be a nerve-wracking experience, but our Registrars will be there to guide you through the ceremony so there is no need to worry about forgetting your vows or getting anything wrong.

Once the music starts to play and the guests are asked to stand, you may make your grand entrance.

If you wish to walk in with bridesmaids or pageboys, or be 'given away' by a family member or friend, we will enable this to happen.

The Registrar begins the ceremony with a welcome and you will then be asked to repeat the words of the legal declaration and contract of marriage, then to say your chosen words to each other as you exchange rings.

Your ceremony can be made more personal by the addition of a reading and your own choice of music (although by law, neither of these can be religious in nature).

After we have had the pleasure of declaring that you are married, you and your witnesses will both sign the register.

Although we welcome photographs and/or video throughout the ceremony, we ask that photographs are not taken at this point.

The Registrars will also sign the register and then present you with your marriage certificate.

We allow time following your ceremony for some posed photographs before you are invited to lead your guests into the courtyard for further photos.

Please note that any choice options are not available if your ceremony is in the small Register Office Room. Ceremonies in this room are pre-set.