Terms and conditions for birth appointments

  1. We ask that appointments are booked online unless:
    • You also need to register the death of a baby or child
    • You require assistance with the registration 
  2. You will need to bring your red baby book to your appointment 
  3. Due to charges made for consideration of any corrections by General Register Office, we ask that you bring with you evidence to show the following information about the mother and father (if applicable):
    • Your passports and/or
    • Driving licence and/or 
    • Proof of your address 
  4. We will endeavour to see you at your allotted appointment time, however this may not always be possible if:
    • Our systems have gone down 
    • You are more than five minutes late for your appointment 
    • If the Registrar feel that you don’t understand the procedure or questions sufficiently and your appointment has to be rescheduled
    • The birth took place outside of Southampton City and you have declined to register by declaration
    • You are not a qualified informant
    • You do not have sufficient information in order to complete the registration
    • You require assistance with the registration 
  5. After the registration you will receive:
    • As many birth certificates as needed, at a cost of £11.00 each. If purchased afterwards, the fee increases. These may be sent on to you if the system is down.
  6. Parking spaces are limited and not guaranteed