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The registration process means you will be able to name your baby and be given the documents to enable you to arrange a funeral. A stillbirth occurs when a baby has died after the 24th week of pregnancy and before it is born.

The baby needs to be registered in the town where the baby was born. The registration can be done by either parent if they were married to each other at the time of the stillbirth. If the parents were not married, and they wish to include father's details, both parents should be present at registration.

We ask that you telephone us on 023 8091 5327 to arrange an appointment with the registrar.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Medical certificate issued by the midwife or doctor
  • The date and place of the stillbirth
  • Any names the parent(s) wish to give the baby
  • Mother's full name and maiden name if applicable
  • Mother's place of birth, occupation and usual address
  • The father's full name, place of birth, occupation and usual address (if applicable)
  • It may be useful to bring your passports or similar documents to assist with verification of names
  • Please bring a translator with you, if you feel that this would be helpful

You will receive these documents after registration:

  • Certificate of registration - shows the date of the stillbirth and any names given to the child
  • Certificate for burial or cremation - required by the funeral director
  • Stillbirth certificate - a certified copy of all the details held in the register

There is no charge for the registration or the certificates.

For further information on registering stillbirth and support agencies please visit the government's website.