Miller's Pond can be found in a pleasant, secluded site with semi-natural woodland and wildlife areas and is an important green open space within Sholing. Miller's Pond is managed for both angling and wildlife. The area is also the home of Sholing Valley's Student Centre who take a major part in its management and upkeep.

Miller's Pond is connected to the shores of Southampton Water at Weston Point by 1.9km of continuous valley habitat. Station Road marks the northern edge of the Miller's Pond site and the southern edge is formed by the railway and Portsmouth Road. The valley divides at Miller's Pond and the two branches continue to the north and north-east, to Burseldon Road at Sholing Common and Weston Common respectively and then beyond towards the corridor of the M27. Miller's Pond sits at a pivotal point along the valley which itself comprises a corridor of wooded and semi-natural green space known as Shoreburs Greenway - also the name of the footpath.


Miller's Pond Local Nature Reserve,
Sholing Road/Spring Road
SO19 8FP


  • Managed for wildlife
  • Coarse fishing
  • Friends Group and Information Centre
  • Car Parking