Street naming and numbering

The council are responsible for naming new roads and keeping a record of all existing road names in the city. New properties or sub-division of existing properties need to be allocated postal numbers.

What you can do:
You can apply to name and number a house or road if:
  • The property is a new building that needs naming and numbering
  • If an existing property has been redeveloped and new flats or business units need renaming and/or renumbering
  • If the development created new sections of streets that need naming
  • When a road is built as part of a new development it is the responsibility of the developer to arrange for the installation of a street nameplate to the appropriate specification

From 1 November 2016, there will be a charge for this service.

We are not responsible for issuing new postcodes. This is the responsibility of the Royal Mail. However they will not issue a postcode for a new street or property until requested to do so by the council. Inquiries about postcodes can be dealt with direct at:

Address requests must be made by completing the Application form for the naming of new streets and property numbering and returning it to the address below or emailing it to

Address Management Officer
Highways Development Management
Southampton City Council
Ground Floor
Civic Centre
SO14 7LS


We require all houses and buildings in roads and streets within the city to be numbered.

To enable us to allocate a suitable number to new and or sub-divided properties, it is essential that suitable drawings be submitted.

Applications can be made from individuals or developers building new houses, commercial or industrial premises or undertaking conversions which will result in the creation of new properties or premises.

Where a development includes new streets, the developer is requested to submit proposed street names in accordance with our guidelines. The proposed street names will be forwarded to our Planning and Rights of Way Panel for approval.

Once official postal addresses have been allocated by us, developers must ensure that all buildings are clearly marked with the correct postal number. All buildings are numbered within the road they are accessed from. We no longer record building names, therefore any building names must be used in conjunction with the official numbering.

We will allocate postal number(s) to the new property or properties concerned. If the new properties are within an existing numbered road, then often a, b, c's etc are suffixed to the appropriate postal number(s).

We will circulate copies of the reports and drawings to statutory undertakers and public bodies showing the new street names and postal numbers. Royal Mail will not allocate postcodes until they receive official notification of new developments.