Please note: The pages in this section are currently out of date and refer to a previous version of the Local Plan Review. We are currently working on revised webpages to reflect recent progress with regards to the new Southampton City Vision Local Plan. We will be publishing these new pages shortly. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience.

We need your thoughts on future development in Southampton. We will be producing a long term strategy to manage development, protect the environment and promote sustainable communities. The new Local Plan will set out the development required in Southampton. It will include policies for assessing planning applications and development proposals across Southampton.

Much has changed in Southampton since the local plans were published five to ten years ago. This new Local Plan provides the chance to look again at the challenges and opportunities that apply to Southampton and to update our planning policies. It will plan for continuing growth over the next 20 years to deliver the new homes, businesses, jobs, shops and infrastructure needed in the city.

The consultation on the first stage of the new Local Plan closed on 16 October 2015. We have looked at the responses received in this consultation and have written a consultation summary paper.

Work on the new Local Plan is paused at the moment. However, we welcome your comments and will address issues raised when we start work on the plan again.

Consultation documents

We produced a full Issues and Options Consultation Paper to look at how the challenges facing the city can be addressed and opportunities delivered. This paper is supported by the scoping report for the Sustainability Appraisal. It is the first stage in producing an appraisal which will assess the likely significant environmental, economic and social impacts of the plan.

We also produced a Habitats Regulations Assessment Baseline report and Appendices. This reviews background information and evidence about 'European' sites (Special Areas of Conservation, designated and potential Special Protection Areas and Ramsar sites) designated because of their nature conservation importance.

Our leaflet provides a summary of the main issues. You can find out more about the five key areas of focus and the sites we are considering by clicking on the issue below:

If you have any queries about the new Local Plan, please contact our Planning Policy team.