A hazardous vehicle which poses a risk of danger to the public may be removed from a public highway even if it is taxed or has a foreign registered number plate. We will investigate and make an assessment of the risk.

Hazardous vehicles may have the following characteristics

  • broken windows
  • be insecure
  • be full of rubbish or flammable materials
  • have damaged body work with sharp edges
  • be burnt out

Report an abandoned vehicle that you consider to be dangerous.

Report an abandoned vehicle

You will need to provide

  • the road name and location of the vehicle
  • the registration number
  • your contact details (The DVLA require us to be able to identify the person making a report of an abandoned vehicle as a condition of making enquiries on their database)
  • it will help if you give us details of why you think the vehicle is dangerous

A hazardous vehicle may be removed within 4 hours. We will endeavour to contact the owner prior to removal. After we have removed the vehicle we will write to the registered keeper. Many insurance companies contact us regarding these vehicles and any costs incurred are usually met by them.

We cannot tell you the outcome of our investigations or who owns the vehicle.