A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) is used to temporarily restrict the movement of traffic or impose waiting restrictions on the public highway.

A TTRO is most commonly used to close roads for temporary situations such as roadworks, but can also be used to ban a turning movement or remove parking. In addition, it can be used to temporarily suspend an existing restriction such as suspending a no-entry.

Who can apply?

All work promoters who do not use the Electronic Transfer of Notices (EToN) process including:

  • Anyone working in contract to a utility
  • Those working under a Section 171 or a Section 50 licence
  • Any organisation planning an event which involves either having to control or exclude vehicular or pedestrian traffic from the public highway must apply for a TTRO

Turn-around time

Eight weeks advanced notice is required to arrange a TTRO.

This is essential to ensure all the relevant official notifications are completed. You must allow sufficient time for the legal process to be completed.


Temporary Traffic Regulation Order - £1,410


Apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order

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