If you are applying to take up part of a road for construction activity and require temporary (portable) traffic signals, you need to apply to us for permission.

Applications must be made at least 10 working days in advance to ensure the proposed works will not be in conflict with any others and so that emergency services can be kept informed.

Who can apply?

All work promoters who do not use the Electronic Transfer of Notices (EToN) process including:

  • Anyone working in contract to a utility
  • Those working under a Section 171 or a Section 50 licence


There is no charge for this application.


Please feel free to use our temporary signals application for to apply to use temporary signals.

Contact us

You can get in contact via email at SouthamptonTMA@balfourbeatty.com, you can also telephone on 023 8079 8070 or 023 8079 8073.