Changing details on a permit

Change of vehicle

If your permit is due to expire within three weeks, you can update your vehicle details when you renew your permit online.

Otherwise you will need:

  • A MySouthampton account - We will ask you to sign up or log in when applying
  • To upload proof of your address and vehicle ownership - A smartphone photograph will do
  • To make the payment with a credit or debit card
  • Your card must be registered for 3D Secure for the payment to be successful
  • A printer (you can carry on without a printer but you will need one to print the temporary permit)

You will also need:

  • A current and valid permit number
  • The registration number and details of the current vehicle
  • The registration number and details of the new vehicle
  • A scanned copy of the new vehicle's V5 document

If you are unable to change details online you can make an appointment to visit Gateway on 023 8083 2005, at the appointment, bring in your old permit and a copy of your new vehicle's V5C.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to make an appointment, you can visit Gateway and wait in the queue. However priority is given to customers with an appointment and at busy times you may required to wait.

You will then be issued a replacement permit for the remainder of the permit period. If you do not have the V5C, you will need to apply for a temporary permit.

Change vehicle details on your permit

Change of address

You will need to return your permit to Gateway for a refund for each full unexpired month and apply for a new permit.

Apply for a new permit