Pothole and road problems

Report a pothole, road, road sign or street light fault.

What happens next?

All potholes reported are inspected and categorised depending on their severity. Our team also carry out two city wide inspections a year to identify defects.

How long does it take to make a pothole repair?

In determining the priority for repairing potholes we consider the size and depth of the pothole; traffic type- speed and volume, road alignment, visibility and also the position of the pothole in relation to the road width.

Depth of pothole on the road
(intervention level)
Depth of pothole on the pavement
(intervention level)
Repair priority
7.5cm or more 4cm or more 24 hours or less
Between 4 and 7.5cm Between 2 and 4cm

Up to 6 months, where possible within 28 days

Less than 4cm Less than 2cm No action at this time

If a section of the carriageway deteriorates and is less than 4cm deep it is not considered to be a pothole, the same principle applies to footways when less than 2cm deep.

A defect which is the required depth but does not extend more than 30 or 60cm in width may still be a defect in the carriageway or footway but is not technically classed as a pothole.

Potholes that do not meet intervention levels would require further excavation to repair. If material were to be used without excavation it would be plucked out from the shallow depression by the passing traffic and the repair would only last a matter of days.

You can see further detail around the Council's approach to inspecting the city's roads and pavements within Highway maintenance in Southampton which also covers a selection of frequently asked questions.