Roadworks, closures and improvements

Roadworks, closures and improvements

We have a schedule of planned maintenance (subject to annual funding) which takes into account the use, condition and level of deterioration of a road. Below is provided a list of major road improvements that are scheduled in near future and which may affect your daily commute.

The interactive roadworks map

To see whether there are any road improvements in your area of interest please take a look at the map below. For major projects please consider the "Current major projects" section.

Interactive roadworks map

Use the key on the left of the map to switch on or off layers of information, including live traffic congestion. You may need to zoom in to the map where there are multiple works in the same location. You can do this by clicking on the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner or double clicking on the point of the map where you want to zoom in.

Advanced notices of planned works can be subject to change.

Current major projects

Millbrook Roundabout reconstruction

For more information

Please see the map of planned highways maintenance programme to check what other, less major projects, are being planned.

If a road or pavement is not listed on our schedule, you can report street problems to us. We will notify local residents before works start and ensure that diversions are set up to minimise disruption. For more information regarding prioritisation of future road schemes, please see the Transport Policy page.