Roadworks, closures and improvements

Roadworks, closures and improvements

We have a schedule of planned maintenance (subject to annual funding) which takes into account the use, condition and level of deterioration of a road. We are also planning or already working on a number of major transport projects to transform how people travel around the city and prepare Southampton for the future.

You can find in-depth information on current roadworks and transport projects, and how they might affect your daily commute, by visiting our Connecting Southampton website.

The interactive roadworks map

To see whether there are any road improvements in your area of interest please take a look at the map below.

Please note, in order to see roadworks more than two weeks in advance you will need to create an online account with our provider

Use the key on the left of the map to switch on or off layers of information, including live traffic congestion. You may need to zoom in to the map where there are multiple works in the same location. You can do this by clicking on the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner or double clicking on the point of the map where you want to zoom in.

Advanced notices of planned works can be subject to change.

Road improvements

This represents the current financial year highway investment programme. These sites will be delivered unless there is an urgent need to swap with other city road(s) as a result of their condition deteriorating to a hazardous state, or if during works on any of these roads it becomes apparent that repairs are more extensive than envisaged and therefore delivery of the full list becomes unaffordable within the same year.

Map showing programme of road improvements 2019/20.

Road name Scheme type Road classification
Avenue Road - carried over from 18/19 Surface Treatment Unclassified
Bassett Green Road (Chilworth RAB to Stoneham Lane) Surface Treatment Principal
Bassett Green Road (Stoneham Lane Jct) Resurfacing Principal
Blighmont Crescent Resurfacing Unclassified
Broadwater Road Resurfacing Unclassified
Byron Road Reconstruction Unclassified
Castle Way Phase 1 Footway slabbing Footway
Castle Way Phase 2 Footway slabbing Footway
Cliff Road - carried over from 18/19 Surface treatment Unclassified
Coxford Road (Hospital) Resurfacing Classified
Coxford Road (Warren Avenue) Resurfacing Classified
Elgin Road - carried over from 18/19 Surface treatment Unclassified
Englefield Road Resurfacing Unclassified
Fawley Road Resurfacing Unclassified
Hawkeswood Road Resurfacing Unclassified
Huntly Way Resurfacing Unclassified
Kenilworth Road Resurfacing Unclassified
Kentish Road (Part) - carried over from 18/19 Surface treatment Unclassified
Lower Brownhill Road - carried over from 18/19 Surface treatment Unclassified
May Road Surface treatment Unclassified
Morris Road Resurfacing Unclassified
Northumberland Road Resurfacing Unclassified
Onslow Road & Peterborough Road Resurfacing Principal
Park Road Surface treatment Unclassified
Peartree Avenue Surface treatment Classified
Romsey Road Structural patching Principal
Romsey Road 2 Resurfacing Principal
Silverdale Road - carried over from 18/19 Surface treatment Unclassified
Springford Road Resurfacing Unclassified
Station Road Resurfacing Classified
Sylvan Avenue Reconstruction Unclassified
Waverley Road Surface treatment Unclassified
Wide Lane Resurfacing Principal

For more information

You can report street problems to us. We will notify local residents before works start and ensure that diversions are set up to minimise disruption. For more information regarding prioritisation of future road schemes, please see the Transport Policy page.