Itchen Bridge

Please note: As of Wednesday 18 November, exit barriers will be installed at Itchen Bridge. Please ensure they are fully raised before passing through the toll. In the event of any problem, please press the help button on the payment machine.

The amount you have to pay to cross the Itchen toll bridge is based on the height of your vehicle at the front axle. We are unable to offer change.

You can manage and top up your SmartCities Itchen bridge account online.

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  • Pay in cash - acceptable coins 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2
  • Pay by SmartCities card
  • Motorcyclists cross free - Please approach the payment machine on either side of the marked chevron
  • Help point
  • Receipts available

Charges and peak periods

  • Peak times are Monday to Friday 07:00 to 09:30 and 16:00 to 18:30
  • All other times are off peak, including weekends and bank holidays.
  • There is no charge on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.
  • Charges are calculated by vehicle height at the front axle in meters.

Class 1 – motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles

  • There is no charge for these vehicles

Class 2 – cars, small vans and small 4x4s

  • Height at first axle up to 1.33m
  • Toll due 60p (peak) 50p (off peak)
  • Residents Concessionary toll 40p (peak) 30p (off peak)

Class 3 – large vans (e.g. transit) and large 4x4s

  • Height at first axle between 1.33m to 2.39m
  • Toll due: £1.20
  • Business Concessionary toll 60p
  • Southampton registered taxi concession 60p

Class 4 – HGVs

  • Height at first axle more than 2.39m
  • Toll due £25.00
  • Business Concessionary toll £2.00

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