Annual Road Safety Review

Each year a city wide review of the preceding three years' injury accident data is undertaken. Where locations are identified with a high number of accidents or clusters of accidents, the data will be analysed to see if there are shared contributory factors that could be addressed through highway improvements. Engineers will then produce prospective designs and costings for the selected sites, before any final assessment and funding is assigned.

Reporting a road safety concern

We receive a large number of requests to make changes to the roads in Southampton and have to make tough decisions on where to undertake improvement works. Through the annual road safety review we can prioritise those locations where evidence shows there is the greatest scope to reduce casualties.

Where locations are being investigated for road safety improvements, reports from residents can support this work and be used to influence the decisions being taken. Road safety concerns will be recorded and considered as part of the annual road safety review but may not be individually responded to.

As we will only consider improvements if injury accident data indicates that there have been incidents within the last three years involving personal injury, visit crashmap to check before submitting a report. If there have been no incidents at the location you are concerned about please do not report it as we are unable to consider it.

If your issue relates to:

If you have reviewed the injury accident data:

Report a road safety concern