We are committed to improving bus passenger journey times and service reliability in order to increase the use of public transport and reduce congestion and traffic pollution. The misuse of bus lanes impacts on journey times and can cause frustration to motorists who adhere to the regulations.

Bus lanes are identified by road markings and road signs. The bus lane will have road markings and have the words ‘Bus Lane’ and will be separated from the lane used by normal traffic by a solid white line. Signs will also be displayed showing a white bus on a blue background. Where pedal cycles and taxis are allowed these will also be shown on the road markings and blue signs.

Only buses, cyclists, taxis and licensed private hire cars can use bus lanes. Motorcycles are not permitted to use the bus lanes in Southampton. Bus lane enforcement uses a digital camera system that records vehicles illegally making use of the city's bus lanes, with all recordings checked for mitigating circumstances, such as:

  • Preventing an accident from happening 
  • Being directed to do so by the police or a civil enforcement officer
  • When accessing or exiting a road is only possible from within the bus lane

If none of these mitigating circumstances apply, the registered keeper of the vehicle will then be issued with a penalty charge notice.

Manage your penalty charge notice

Please note: Bus lanes have the times of operation on the approach signage. If the sign does not show times then it operates 24 hours.