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Electric vehicle charging points

Electric vehicles on display

We currently have 44 electric vehicle charging points installed across the city. We are working with partners to install additional points to ensure we meet the growing demand for accessible, quick and efficient charging points.

Charging at all of our existing sites is free for an introductory period.

Six charging points are available at each of our five city centre multi-story car parks (type 2 - fast charging):

We recently installed charging points in Woolston and Bitterne. Two type 2-fast charging points are available at each of these car parks:



More charging points will be available in September, with two type 2-fast charging points at each site:

  • West End Road

You will need a charge card to use all of our charging points

Apply for a charge card

Our first dedicated taxi-only rapid charger has been installed in Lances Hill car park, Bitterne. The charger can only be accessed by council registered taxi and private hire vehicles. The new infrastructure allows the taxi trade to top-up the car’s battery in less than 30 minutes. We are planning more across the city and expect the second charger to be available in Summer 2020.

Keep an eye on this page to find out where more charging points are being installed.


We are offering a variety of incentives to EV drivers in Southampton. We want to encourage the switch to low emission vehicles.

City centre season ticket parking reductions

We are currently offering a 90% discount on any city centre season ticket for electric vehicle users.

Itchen Bridge – free toll

Owners of fully electric vehicles living in local council areas can currently cross the Itchen Bridge free of charge with a SmartCities card. Find out more about the electric vehicle concession and how to apply.

Thinking of buying a new vehicle?

If you are, let us know. We want to find out the views of current electric vehicle owners and prospective buyers and to get an early indication of where charge points may need to be installed on-street. Email us on cleanairnetwork@southampton.gov.uk

For independent information about electric vehicles you can visit Next Green Car

Why should you change to a low emission vehicle?

Vehicles in the UK are predominantly petrol or diesel powered, producing 331,000 tonnes of NOx pollutants nationwide (DEFRA, 2016). For this reason we fully support a move from combustion engine vehicles to electric ones, and are doing a number of things to encourage this transformation.

Benefits of switching

By switching to a zero emission capable vehicle you can save money on fuel costs, reduce harmful vehicle emissions and help clean up Southampton's air.

There are also financial benefits:

Our own fleet of smaller vehicles

In July 2020, we added 24 new electric vans to our City Services fleet. These vans join the existing six vehicles purchased last year. All these EVs have replaced older diesel vans and are now running on 100% green energy- supporting our commitment to improving air quality in Southampton. This is only the start of our Fleet Modernisation Plan, more EVs are due by January 2021.