Apply for an Itchen Bridge payment card

Residents and non-residents of Southampton City Council can use a SmartCities card to pay the toll charges on the Itchen Toll Bridge using our online system. Owners of fully electric vehicles can cross the Itchen Bridge free of charge* with a SmartCities card by applying for an Electric Vehicle concession.

Apply for a SmartCities payment card

You can also print out the SmartCities application form and apply in person at a Southampton City Council library in Southampton, or in Gateway in One Guildhall Square.

If you already have a SmartCities/Southampton bus pass card, you can apply to have it set up to pay the Itchen Bridge toll charges

The amount you have to pay to cross the Itchen toll bridge depends on the height of your vehicle measured in meters at the first axle and the time you are crossing. You may be eligible to a concession on the toll.

When you have your Itchen Bridge card, you will need to top up your account

People with a long-term eligible disability can apply for travel concessions on a SmartCities card. Find out more about the Itchen Bridge toll exemption for disabled people

Itchen Bridge account for larger vehicles

The Concessionary toll is available to:

  • Owners and operators of vehicles registered to and operating from the commercial concession zone
  • Hackney carriages licensed to Southampton with a height at first axle of over 1.33m
  • Private hire vehicles licensed to Southampton with a height at first axle of over 1.33m
  • Owners of oversize non-commercial vehicles (e.g. camper vans) residing within the business concession zone

Print out or view the application form

SmartCities card terms and conditions/Privacy

Holders of SmartCities cards for this concessionary toll will be contacted to renew their cards annually.

For further information, please email us.