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Southampton has a number of buildings which were closely connected to the Titanic and which can still be seen today. A number of memorials commemorate the loss of the ship and those on board.

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South Western Hotel

South Western Hotel

Some of the Titanic's passengers stayed here the night before her maiden voyage on 10th April 1912.

Grapes Public House

The Grape's Public House

Four members of the Titanic's crew had a drink here on the morning of the voyage. They arrived at the quayside as the ship was about to leave and were refused entry. They missed the voyage altogether.

Holyrood Church Titanic Memorial

Holyrood Church Titanic Memorial

This memorial to the crew of the Titanic originally stood at the southern end of the Common near the end of Cemetery Road. It is a drinking fountain made of Portland Stone by Garret and Haysom of East Street. It was unveiled in 1915 by Mr Bullions Moody. It now stands in Holy Rood Church.

Titanic Engineers Memorial East Park

Titanic Engineers Memorial East Park

There are several memorials to the Titanic in Southampton. This one, situated opposite the Cenotaph, is the largest and probably the most well known. It is dedicated to the engineer officers, none of whom survived the disaster. It was designed by Messrs. Whitehead and Son and unveiled in April 1914. It is built of grey granite and bronze, and is 30 feet long by 20 feet high. In the centre a winged angel is flanked by relief representations of engineer officers.

White Star Dock (Later Ocean Dock)

White Star Dock (later Ocean Dock)

One of a remarkable series of photographs showing the construction of the White Star Dock, completed in 1911. The central feature is the huge steam excavator and pumps. It was from the White Star Dock that the Titanic sailed in 1912 (from Berth 44).

Ocean Dock

Ocean Dock

Looking across the Ocean Dock to the Quay where the Titanic departed.

Southampton Maritime Museum

Southampton Maritime Museum

Southampton Maritime Museum. Captain Smith's sword and other Titanic items.

Interior Southampton Maritime Museum

The interior of Southampton Maritime Museum

The large panelling is from the Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic. It is a copy of this panelling, on the main staircase, which is the lovers meeting place in the Hollywood film.

Titanic Memorial

The Titanic Memorial

This was placed near the ship's departure point at Southampton Docks.

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