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Action in Southampton

Image of Biodiversity SiteThe Biodiversity Action Plan – Southampton in the Future

A city that supports a variety of sustainable natural open spaces, with associated wildlife that gives pleasure and enjoyment, and provides opportunities for health, relaxation, recreation and involvement, for residents and visitors.

Biodiversity Action

The city of Southampton is fortunate in being relatively rich in biodiversity and has a number of nationally important wildlife sites such as Southampton Common, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the River Itchen Special Protection Area.

Southampton’s biodiversity is something to treasure and we are lucky to have a city with such natural advantages due to its location on Britain’s southern coast. Mudflats, rivers, streams and ponds, woodland, hedgerows, parkland and scrub are all present, some so important that they have national and international status. Likewise the wildlife that they support, with such notable creatures as the great crested newt, barn owls, dormice and otters. As well as these resident animals, there are also important passers-through on migration such as salmon, sea trout and painted lady butterflies, with birds including divers, flycatchers and a whole range of costal waders.

The Biodiversity Action Plan contains up-to-date information about requirements for, and status of, nature conservation in Southampton based on legislation, other City Strategies, policies and plans together with local community requirements and aspirations. It establishes the policy direction for Southampton City Council’s approach to Natural Environmental Issues. If you would like to know more about this, then you can download the Biodiversity Action Plan document from the links on the right.

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