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Station Quarter and Western Gateway

Station Quarter and Western Gateway

With more than five million trips made annually from Southampton’s Central Station, planned new investment will help to leave a lasting positive impression on visitors to the city.

The Station Quarter plans include redevelopment of both the northern and southern sides of Central Station, as well as major refurbishment of the station itself. The transformed station will provide an exciting arrival experience, offering views of the waterfront and its cruise ships, leading to a new square, flanked by cafés and shops.

It is envisaged that the Station Quarter plans will act as a catalyst for wider change as proposed by the Master Plan. There is longer term ambition for more development on the south side to connect with and complement Central Station. The completed package will offer a range of new and exciting economic benefits for the city.

The improvements to the south side of the station were revealed on Monday 11 June 2012 with the new facilities opened by Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Transport.

The station improvements have been undertaken as part of the Department for Transport-backed National Stations Improvement Programme (NSIP), and managed by Network Rail and South West Trains with a contribution of £800,000 from Southampton City Council towards the total £2.4 million cost. The comprehensive refurbishment of the south side buildings and forecourt includes the reorientation of the entrance/exit eastwards, new lighting, bus stops, paving and better disabled access. The result is a much enhanced arrival experience into Southampton and improved passenger facilities.

What’s happening now?

Northern side (Station Quarter (N) and Wyndham Place Improvement Project)

Work starts in February 2014 to make it easier and safer for people to interchange between trains, cycles and buses, and for those arriving on foot and by taxi to navigate their way around more easily. A programme of community engagement and consultation with those who regularly use the area has taken place, and a Champions Group of local residents and business representatives has been set up to help guide the design of the area.

A summary of comments received, and a statement of the vision and objectives is available below. If you would like to know more about the project or get involved, please email Wilson Massie (

A public consultation on the initial designs was held outside Caffexpresso on 5 and 6 July 2012. A further consultation was held throughout the day on 25 and 26 April 2013 outside Frobisher House, Wyndham Place, Southampton, giving visitors an opportunity to view our most recent plans for the redesign of the Station Quarter (North). Attendees were able to have a chat with the project team and comment on the latest proposals. All feedback will help us finalised our plans for redevelopment of the area.

If you'd like to view our plans, please download the pdf document below entitled 'Station Quarter North latest plans (April 2013)'.

What’s happening next?

Southern side

In the future, major redevelopment to the south of the station will create a new Central Business District incorporating high density office development with new links to the waterfront and main shopping area. An initial phase adjacent to the southern side of the station will focus on a new arrival experience including new shops, small business space and a hotel, all centred on a new station square. Pedestrian and cycle routes to the city centre will also be significantly improved.

To find out more about the the plans and progress of developments in the Station Quarter, as well as Southampton's other VIP development projects, visit

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Station Quarter (North) - Phase One

Station Quarter Map image

What will phase one entail?

This initial phase of works will:

  • improve the environment from the station entrance/exit, along Blechynden Terrace
  • include a new taxi rank
  • implement traffic calming measures
  • improve pedestrian crossing areas
  • create new paving, kerbs, drainage and road surfacing.

The construction of a new taxi rank will provide safer and more sensible pedestrian access to the station. In order to achieve this, the existing taxi rank and bus stop areas will be temporarily relocated, close to the station. There will be appropriate signage to direct users of the station, buses and taxis once this element of works commences.

Part of the project will incorporate the creation of an heritage art installation, documenting the history of the area when the route that the train line now follows was a canal.

There will be some unavoidable disruption during the works including a small reduction in parking spaces on the north side of the station. The council’s development partner, Balfour Beatty Living Spaces, will be undertaking the work, and will seek to keep any disruption to station users, local residents, and businesses to a minimum through careful phasing of the work.

Network Rail and their contractors Balfour Beatty Living Places, has undertaking separate works on the south side of the train line to enable temporary access to the trackside for maintenance purposes. These works commenced on 3 February and lasted a few weeks.

Station Quarter FAQs

1. Why are we doing the Station Quarter work now?

The funding that was secured must be spent within 2014. Although there is never a good time to undertake major improvements around a busy train station, the better weather conditions over the spring/summer should enable the work to be completed more easily.

2. What diversions will be in place during the work

For the duration of the work Blechynden Terrace and West Park Road will be one way (eastbound only). The taxi rank and bus stops will also be temporarily relocated. See map.

3. When will the later phases happen?

Confirmation that funding bids have been successful should be known by the summer, for 2015 funding. If funding bids are not successful for some, or all of the bids, work will be prioritised and other funding opportunities will be pursued.

4. What is happening on the Station Quarter south side?

Further to initial design ideas set out in the City Centre Master Plan and through the City Streets Programme, design work will be progressed on proposals for the south side of the station. The key aims of the project will be to improve walking, cycling and public transport links into the city along with improved public space, new development and better facilities. This will begin with a technical investigation in 2014.

See plans set out in the Master Plan and City Streets Programme.

5. When will plans for the South Side of the station be available

Once initial technical investigation is complete, station users, stakeholders and the general public will be consulted on emerging ideas, before an urban design master plan is produced later in 2014.

6. How much is it costing and who is funding all this work?

The council has secured £1.8 million of government funding to complete Phase One of the north side work. Bids for further funding to complete the current plans are in progress, and may include an element of private investment. The development of the Station Quarter is expected to generate millions of pounds of investment and income for the local Southampton economy.

Station Quater (North)

Station Quarte banner image

The first phase of hotly anticipated work to develop the area surrounding the north entrance/exit of Southampton Central Station began on 10 February 2014 and is planned to continue until October 2014.

The planned developments will provide: better pedestrian links with the city centre; improved taxi and bus management; safe, green travel connections, and; a new flexible community events space.

The Station Quarter is one of Southampton City Council’s seven City Centre Master Plan VIP Projects, which is designed to build a brighter future for the city both economically and socially. We expect this scheme and future phases to support local businesses and lead to the creation of around 300 jobs.

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