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Recycling Centre

The City Depot and Recycling Park is located in Millbrook, off First Avenue. Follow the the signs to Dockgate 20, and then turn left into the park following the sign.

Location map for new HWRC

The address:

City Depot and Recycling Park,
First Avenue,
SO15 0LJ

View on Google Maps

The recycle centre is open seven days a week:

8am-5pm from 1 March to 31 March
8am-7pm from 1 April to 30 September
8am-4pm from 1 October 2013 to 28 February

There is a height barrier (1.75m) at the park which is in force Monday to Friday and open Saturday and Sunday only. Please use this link to find out why there are height restrictions at the HWRC.

If you are using a commercial vehicle to bring your items to the park, you will need to have a permit that is issued by Hampshire County Council before you will be allowed access. To obtain a permit, please contact Hampshire County Council on 0845 603 5634 or complete this permit application form.

Telephone number of park is 023 8033 8319.

The park can accept the following items:

Paint Newspaper logo Metals logo Glass logo Gas Bottles logo Garden Waste logo

Furniture logo Fridges & Freezers logo Fluorescent lamp logo Electrical logo Clothes logo Household Chemicals logo

Cardboard logo Car battery logo Battery logo Wood & Timber logo Soil logo Paper logo

Other local HWRCs

There are several other Household Waste and Recycle Centres in the Southampton area:

Grange Road, Netley

Normandy Way, Marchwood.

Shamblehurst Lane South, Hedge End.

Woodside Avenue, Eastleigh.

Most operate the same opening times but may accept different materials. All sites are open seven days a week and open all bank holidays except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.


1. What can I take to the HWRC?

Please use the following link to find out what can be taken to the HWRC: HWRC. Please note that the Chapel HWRC has now closed, the new City Depot and Recycling Park in Millbrook has replaced it, the same items listed can be taken to the new HWRC.

2. What are the opening hours of the HWRC?

The opening hours of the HWRC are as follows:

April to September - 08.00 to 19.00.

October to February - 08.00 to 16.00.

March - 08.00 to 17.00.

For further information and contact details, please use the following link: HWRC.

3. Can I take soil and rubble to the HWRC?

Although soil and rubble are not legally defined as household waste, Southampton City Council recognise that households may produce small quantities so 'Recycle at Rubbish Revived' in Endle Street will accept the equivalent of a medium-sized car boot full of waste (approximately the contents of six 30 litre bags), no more than an average of once per month per household.

Soil and rubble waste must be brought to the site bagged or boxed and then emptied directly into the correct container. The quantity restriction applies to whatever vehicle is being used to transport the material.

4. Why is there a height barrier at the HWRC?

The height barrier is in place to prevent businesses using the site, the site is only open to the general public. The height barrier was left open whilst residents got used to the new Millbrook recycling centre. It was always the intention to close the barrier once site operations had settled down.

5. Do I need an HWRC permit?

Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council have jointly introduced a permit scheme at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) across the county to prevent traders using commercial vehicles to deposit trade waste. Trade waste should be recycled and disposed of via the many commercial outlets around the city, rather than at the tax payer’s expense.

These recently introduced changes will make visiting the sites much easier and safer for the bulk of residents who were finding the large number of vans using the sites were increasing waiting times, reduced site cleanliness and could at times be very intimidating. Residents will see the main advantages of these changes during the busy summer periods.

Residents who use a car to deposit their waste will be unaffected by the changes.

Residents who require to dispose of bulky items can either arrange for a bulky collection by calling Actionline on 023 8083 3005 or by hiring a van which will be allowed to deposit waste on production of a hire purchase agreement at the site.

It should be noted that vehicles greater than 3.5 tonnes in weight, and any trailers over 3m in length will be denied access as these vehicles create a health and safety risk on site. Small to medium sized trailers under 1.8m in length do not require a permit, trailers between 1.8m and 3m will require a trailer permit.

Residents who only have access to a commercial type vehicle for their domestic use, can still use the HWRC free of charge by obtaining 12 permits.

To obtain a van or trailer permit, please contact Hampshire County Council on 0845 603 5634 or use the links at the foot of the page.

Alternatively, information is also available at individual HWRC sites or from Actionline on 023 8083 3005.

6. Are there any other HWRCs?

There are several other HWRCs in the Southampton area, please use the following links for more information on the sites:

Grange Rd, Netley HWRC.

Normandy Way, Marchwood HWRC.

Shamblehurst Lane South, Hedge End HWRC.

Woodside Lane, Eastleigh HWRC.

7. Does the HWRC accept commercial waste?

The centre will not accept trade or commercial waste.

Transit vans and lorries will be checked by staff at the centre to make sure the waste is not commercial.

Trade waste should be recycled and disposed of via the many commercial outlets around the city, rather than at the tax payer’s expense.

Contact information