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Street Cleansing

Street Cleansing Image

We are committed to ensuring that the city is clean and tidy for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Cleansing teams are out on the streets busily removing litter and rubbish seven days a week. Working in area based teams every street is visited at least once a month to ensure that high levels of cleanliness are maintained using specialist cleansing teams; mechanically sweeping and removing graffiti.

In the city centre a team of cleansing operative’s work throughout the day to keep on top of the litter. Some use pedestrian operated mechanical sweepers, others empty the litter bins and manually litter pick or sweep. These activities continue into the evening when shoppers give way to the night time economy.

Early in the morning the large mechanical sweepers start cleaning the main roads. The manual operatives are assisted by compact sweepers that can concentrate on the precinct and the large expanse of pavements. Teams empty the bins, remove graffiti or fly posting and wash away spillages and stains that may have appeared overnight.

In residential areas where roads are heavily parked residents are given advance notice and asked to move their vehicles. This allows large mechanical vehicles to clean the road channels. At the same time a compact mechanical sweeper can attend to the footways and manual teams can remove weed growth and graffiti from street furniture.

The City Council cannot achieve a clean city alone, your support is needed. It could be simply advising us of a problem, organising and taking part in a clean-up everyone has a role to play.

If you or your community group would like to volunteer to help clear litter from your local area please contact Actionline 0800 519 1919 with your details and an officer will contact you to discuss your offer and what we can do to assist. The council will be able to provide you with equipment and practical and health and safety guidance.

Everyone can play their part in helping keep the city clean by disposing of their litter with care and consideration. If the first litter bin you visit is full, check to see if there is still capacity in the next nearest. Try to minimise the packaging that come with any take away foods you might buy and see if you can dispose of these on the vendor’s premises rather than take them out into the street with you. If you can’t find a street bin in which to put your crisp bag or sweet wrapper, then take it back to your workplace or home and dispose of it there. Thank you for your help.

Leaf Clearance

1. When does leaf clearance take place?

Leaf clearance takes place during the autumn and winter with additional resources allocated during October to January.

2. How are leaf clearance areas prioritised?

During October to January area teams have a programme of leaf clearance that prioritises areas of heavy leaf fall and areas prone to flooding.

3. What areas are prone to high leaf fall?

Central Area East Area West Area
Bassett Archery Road Colebrook Avenue/St James Road
Bassett Green Barnes Close Cowdray Close
Highfield Bitterne Road Lordswood Road/Coxford Road
Inner Avenue Botley Road Malwood Avenue/Linford Crescent
Portswood Butts Road Sandpiper Road
Freemantle Common Road
  Glenfield Crescent  
Kootenay Avenue 
  Merryoak Road  
  Midanbury Lane  
  Middle Road  
  Minstead Avenue  
  Montgomery Road  
  Mousehole Lane  
  Pine Drive  
  Portsmouth Road  
  River Walk  
  South East Road  
  Spring Road  
  St Annes Road  
  Swift Road  
  Thornhill Park Road  
  Thorold Road  
  Westend Road  
  Weston Lane  
  Wide Lane  
Woodland Close

4. What areas are prone to flooding?

Central Area East Area West Area
Above Bar Street outside the Marlands Alfriston Road in the dip Lordshill Way at the junction with Coxford Road
Albert Road North at the junction of Endle Street Athelstan Road at the junction with Garfield Road Lordswood Road at the junction with Dunkirk Road
Burgess Road opposite bookmakers Athelstan Road outside numbers 78-98 Lower Brownhill Road opposite number 77
Central Bridge at the junction with the Itchen Bridge Barnfield Close outside number 23 Millbrook Road West at the junction with Third Avenue
Charlotte Place roundabout to the side of the hotel Barry Road at the junction with Bursledon Road Romsey Road opposite Jupiter Close
Civic Centre Hill at the junction with Western Esplanade Botley Road from Portsmouth Road to Lowry Gardens Sandpiper Road opposite the community centre
Derby Road at the junction of Oxford Avenue Bridge Road under the bridge St James Road at the junction with Bellemoor Road
East Street outside the camera shop Browning Avenue at the end of frying pan turn around point
Highfield Lane outside of Kingfisher Court Bullar Road outside of Bed E Buys
Honeysuckle Road outside number 26 Bursledon Road opposite the fire station
Inner Avenue at the junction of Archers Road Dell Road outside of number 43
Kingsway by the crossing and North Front Forest Hills Drive outside of Forest View
Mansbridge Road at the junction of Itchenside Close Glenfield Avenue outside number 30
Millbrook Road East outside number 43 Hazel Road outside of unit 13
Mount Pleasant Road by the railway line Hinkler Road at the junction with Ellwood Close
New Road at the junction by the traffic lights Mansbridge Road at the junction with Itchenside Close
Newtown Road outside number 72 Mousehole Lane at the junction with Glenfield Avenue
Old Mill Way within turnaround circle Napier Road
Platform Road by bus stop Newtown Road outside of number 72
Queens Terrace by parking bays Portsmouth Road outside of St Marks Church  
Southern Road at the junction with West Quay Road Selbourne Avenue outside of number 55  
The Avenue subway Somerset Avenue at the junction with Cheriton Avenue  
University Road by the crossing St Aubins Avenue outside of number 68  
Wide Lane outside the Flemings Arms Thornhill Park Road outside numbers 6-20  
Wide Lane roundabout Thornhill Road at the junction with Highclere Avenue  
Woodmill Lane outside the car park Victoria Road/Portsmouth Road junction by the bank in Woolston  
Woodside Road outside Woodside Court West End Road outside of number 17  
  Weston Parade  

5. Why are there leaves in shrub beds?

Leaves are left in shrub beds as a natural mulch.

6. Can you clear leaves from my garden?

It is up to residents to clear and dispose of leaves from their own property responsibly.

Find out about the garden waste collection service in Southampton.

7. Do you collect all leaves on open land?

The council is responsible for clearing leaves from council land but you can help look after your local area by clearing leaves.

8. How do I report a build up of leaves at other times of the year?

If there is a build up of leaves outside of the leaf clearing programme (October to January) please contact the council on 023 8083 3008 or email

How can you help?

Young boy litter pickingDo you want to help?

The parks and open spaces team are always delighted to support individuals or groups who would like to help and improve the local environment, by organising their own "clean up". The team can offer advice, loan equipment and remove the rubbish once collected; ensuring the event is a success.

How can businesses help?

Local businesses are an important part of the community and can show that they also want to support a clean environment by joining the "Tidy Business Award Scheme".

Contact information

  • 0800 5 19 19 19
  • Parks and Street Cleansing Team (RL) Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LY